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I was born and raised on the East Coast in Upstate New York and have been inspired by photography since the first time I drove to the West Coast in 1998 on a family trip with my new 35mm point-and-shoot at my side. I have been pursuing photography seriously since I purchased my first "real camera" just a few years after that and as a BMX rider myself I naturally started documenting my friends and the scene around me. For years I continued to follow my passion, and went on to earn my A.A.S Degree in Photography in New York in 2004.


After getting my start as a professional by working at a studio for a few years doing portrait work I got published for the first couple of times within the pages of a few international BMX Magazines and in June of 2007, my whole world changed. I ended up being offered the position of photographer/assistant editor at the longest-running BMX Magazine which launched its first issue in November, 1978. In June of 2007, I left it all behind and headed West to Southern California. 

I worked at the magazine for five years documenting the Professional BMX scene, traveling on a constant basis creating content across the country as well as internationally. During this time is when I grew to love seeing new places, meeting new people and just experiencing life in the way it is meant to be experienced. I have shot photos on assigment all over America as well as Hawaii, Catalina Island, Europe, Mexico, Canada and the Middle East. After the years went on and after meeting a constant flow of deadline after deadline I realized that in order for me to grow as a photographer I needed to pursue a full-time freelance career. I did exactly that at the end of 2011. Being on my own has taught me to appreciate what it means to work hard, never stop moving forward, and truly dedicate yourself to something. I believe that photography is worth believing in and to me, it is just as much about the client relationships that I have built over the years as it is about my photography itself.


Since I've been on my own I have shot countless photos and have created original content for a variety of outlets including multiple print magazines, commercial outlets, websites, books, and catalogs. I wrote an original weekly photo-based column for BMX for 105 weeks in a row. I was honored with my first international cover in April of 2013 and have worked for clients such as Red Bull, ESPN, Transworld Ride BMX Magazine, and Arrowhead Water among others. I have also photographed on the set of a music video featuring Snoop Dog and Kate Upton for a national campaign as well as had the opportunity to have some of my photojournalism work published with the Associated Press. I was a guest photography instructor in Pennsylvania for Woodward's Digital Media program from 2009-2011 which eventually lead to me becoming the head photography instructor in 2013 and 2014. Since September of 2013 I have had my own studio workspace/gallery located in Burbank, California and have focused on building a business from the ground up ever since. It has been a welcomed challenge, and has humbled me at the same time. As well as making a big push for personal work, I have also photographed over 230 unique hotels and rental properties all over California in the past few years and continue to work on a variety of projects on a daily basis.  


Even after putting in over a decade of work as a professional I still continue to push forward and expand my boundaries within my own photography. As I move forward into the future, my goal is to align my photographic passions with my clients needs, to always work at being better than my last photograph and to maintain a certain level of integrity along the way. Photography is much more than a career to me, and much more than just a passion of mine.

Photography drives me. It is what keeps me up at night and I would be absolutely lost without it. 


CLIENTS- Arnette, Colony, Dans Comp, DC Shoes, Demolition, ESPN, FBM, Fit Bike Co., Flick Trix, Fox, Headrush Brand, Hyper, Macneil, Mongoose, Movie, Nestlé,, Primo, Profile Racing, Red Bull, Redline, SE Bikes, Trip Advisor, Volume, Wethepeople, Woodward.

PRINT- Ride BMX, The Albion, Soul BMX, A.R.T, Ride U.K., DIG, Freedom, BMX Plus!, Dirt Bike, Road Bike Action, Mountain Bike Action, Motocross Action.