Shooting, shooting and more shooting.

I have been super motivated lately and really want to make a push for my personal work. The more I get used to making my own rules and shooting exactly what I want the harder it is going to be to work for someone again. Being your own boss is rad and honestly there is nothing better, especially for an extremely picky photographer like myself. I have learned over the years that when it comes down to it, you are only as good as your last photo and if you aren’t constantly trying to better yourself and your work, then what is the point?
I went out to Riverside to shoot with Dylan Stark for a little photo feature that wethepeople did for him to welcome him to the pro team. It was a rad day and I was stoked with what we shot. We shot more than they used for the feature but keep an eye out for a few riding shots to pop up soon.
I have known Dylan for years now and have been stoked on him since I first saw him ride. Years after that I gave him the chance to have a full-length interview in the magazine and now a few years after that he got picked up by these guys which is rad to see. Congrats Dylan! Check out the full feature here.
Jourdan Barba was also out cruising for the day and laced this smith to bar while we were chillin’ getting drinks taking advantage of this spot being right behind a 7-11.
I also recently spent the day with Tom Villarreal in downtown Los Angeles. He ended up linking up with a friend from Florida where he’s from that has a place here in California and made the move to switch things up a bit. He lives in a dope little art studio right across from the Staples Center so when we met up we just cruised the city and shot some flicks throughout the day. I sent those over to Profile so we will see what comes of them.
This past weekend I got the chance to shoot a day in the life for ESPN with none other than the “Biker in Black” Rick Thorne. The dude has been involved with BMX since day one and is definitely a rad guy. His knowledge of riding in general spans decades and it’s cool to hear him talk about all of the crazy stages that BMX has gone through since he started riding. We had a rad day just cruisin’ around taking care of business, riding, and more. Stay tuned for the full-feature to see what his typical day is like.

In other ESPN news when I was over in Europe I had the chance to shoot a bike check with one of the best flatlanders on the planet from Paris, France. Matthias Dandois is a seriously talented flatland rider that has changed the way flatland is viewed by the rest of the BMX world. Anyone can appreciate the skills he has and not too mention he’s just a rad kid from France who loves to have a good time. Check out the full feature¬†here. That’s it for now, stay tuned as always.



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